Building Inspections FAQ’s

Yes. All rental properties regardless of age are eligible for depreciation to varying extent. The misconception that it is not possible to claim depreciation on older buildings is costing many property investors thousands of dollars annually. Contact us for guidance as to the possible deductions that may be available with your property.

No. A depreciation schedule is the detailed annual claims associated with the available depreciation of the building only. The tax depreciation schedules that are provided by Excel Property Consulatnts are for the life of the building and include detailed claims that are separated into the capital works, which is the depreciation of the structure, and depreciating assets, which include items such as ovens, hot water systems, blinds etc.

Yes. The fee associated with the preparation of a depreciation schedule is a flat fee dependent on the location of the property. Tax depreciation schedules start from$395. Ring our advisors today for a quote on a tax depreciation schedule for your property.

Yes. The professional services fee is tax deductible.

The time involved with the delivery of the report is generally 10- 14 days but is dependent on our consultants gaining access to the property. All properties are inspected and analysed by fully-qualified professionals to achieve the maximum claims possible.

Yes. If your claims are not based on an estimate by a qualified person familiar with construction costing and the tax legislation your claims may be dis-allowed by the Australian Taxation Department.

The Tax Depreciation Schedules produced by Excel Property Consultants are for the life of the building and are a one time expense. Many companies still only offer depreciation reports of 5–10 years, which means you are required to pay additional fees each 5-10 years in order to continue claiming.

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Alvaro Montes de Oca