Insurance Assessment Reports

One of our experienced building inspectors will inspect your property and complete a full assessment of the damage and prepare a report documenting the damage and a Scope of Works that details exactly what repairs we believe are needed.

You will receive a copy of the Report and Scope of Works that you can forward onto your insurer. The report will include photographic evidence of the damage and a detailed description and causation of each issue.

The response from your insurance company will be one of three options:

The claim is approved:

  • Repairs can proceed immediately. A contractor can be appointed to complete the repairs.
  • Your insurance company may appoint their own inspector or assessor to attend and investigate the cause and extent of the damage.

The claim is partially approved:

  • Partial Coverage of the claim is sometimes possible if there is evidence of any existing damage.
  • If there is existing damage to the home that was not caused by the incident, you are not covered for those repairs.
  • The cost of the repairs exceeds the amount that you are covered. In these cases, the critical repairs would be prioritised over more cosmetic issues.

The claim is denied:

  • If your claim is denied, the insurer is disputing that they are liable for any of the damage.
  • This may be because the type of damage to your property is not covered by the policy, or because the insurer believes that your claim is not justified.

The cost of the assessment and report will vary and is calculated on an hourly basis. Give our team a call today to schedule an inspection or submit your enquiry via our Contact Us page.