Stage Inspections

What are construction stage inspections?

During the building of a new home the owner of the home will be requested to make periodic or stage payments at set milestones throughout the build. The idea of these payments during the build process is to pay for the completed work to date. The Stage inspections conducted by Excel Property Consultants are designed to support owners by giving feedback on whether an appropriate level of finish and workmanship has been meet. Stage inspections will be conducted to coincide with the builders request for stage payments and would normally include the following stages.

  1. Slab Stage: The first stage inspection is typically the slab, which takes place after it’s been poured. One of our professional building inspectors will ensure the dimensions and size of the slab are accurate, plumbing is placed properly and the workmanship is of acceptable quality. Plans are required for this inspection.
  2. Frame Stage: The second stage inspection will be an assessment of the wall and roof framing. One of our professional building inspectors will inspect the frame for level and straightness. All tie-down and support will be checked against the plans. Plans are required for this inspection.
  3. Enclosed / Lockup: The enclosed stage inspection is designed to ensure the general workmanship is to the correct standard and would include assessment of the brickwork, wall cladding, roof cladding, flashing, windows, doors and second fix timbers
  4. Practical Completion / Handover Inspection: The final stage inspection will take place once the builder has achieved practical completion but prior to the builder handing over the keys. At this time, one of our professional inspectors will complete a detailed inspection of all the finished materials and workmanship. The aim of the inspection is to ensure that the standard of finish complies with the relevant Australian Standards. Our aim is to identify and document any defects or omissions so they can be rectified by the builder prior to the property being handed over to the owners. A copy of the report is left on-site for the building supervisor to follow up on, and an email copy sent shortly after to the client, the builder and any other relevant parties.
  5. Followup Inspection: A follow up inspection or re-inspection can take place if requested, at an additional cost, once the builder notifies us that rectification of any defects has taken place. They require approximately ten (10) working days to complete these works. During the re­inspection, defects noted on the original report are checked off as “finished” or “still to do” and the report is emailed to all parties as confirmation of what has been rectified. Our inspector is happy to discuss the report with you at any time.

Excel Property Consultants have a highly qualified team of inspectors with an in depth understanding of building law, who check building compliance following the strict guidelines set by the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards.

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Alvaro Montes de Oca