Handover Inspection

What is a building handover inspection?

All new buildings will have minor defects and omissions that are often not noticed by the builder. If left unattended, some issues may have a long term effect on the property.

Our aim is to identify and document any defects or omissions so they can be rectified by the builder prior to the property being handed over to the owners.

Our building inspector will undertake a visual inspection of the property once the builder indicates that it has reached practical completion. The purpose of this inspection is to provide advice regarding the condition of the property at the time of inspection.

The handover report is prepared based on a visual inspection covering both the internal and external areas of the home providing a detailed list of any defects and compliance issues that are noted during the inspection.

A copy of the report is left on-site for the building supervisor to follow up on, and an email copy is sent shortly after to the client, the builder and any other relevant parties. A hard copy of the report is posted to keep on record.

A follow up inspection or re-inspection can take place, if requested at an additional cost, once the builder notifies us that rectification of any defects has taken place. They require approximately ten (10) working days to complete these works.

During the re­inspection, defects noted on the original report are checked off as “finished” or “still to do” and the report is emailed to all parties as confirmation of what has been rectified. Our inspector is happy to discuss the reports with you at any time.

Excel Property Consultants have a highly qualified team of inspectors with an in depth understanding of building law, who check building compliance following the strict guidelines set by the Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standards.

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Thanks very much for your thorough report.

Alvaro Montes de Oca